ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan ; इलेक्‍ट्रो-त्रिदोष-ग्राफ ; ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन

ASCITES ; Recorded traces of an ascites patient by ETG AyurvedaScan

Posted on: जनवरी 20, 2011

Traces recorde of an Ascites patient by ETG AyurvedaScan system, is showing the Enlarged Liver and Spleen including poor function of Renal system. The right Kidney is functioning poor, while left kidney position is although poor but comparatively better functioning than right one.

Here is shown only 26 leads recorded out of 42 leads. 16 leads are hided.

[to be concluded]

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